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Children's Race
Attention is the basis of all relationships. Without time spent, nothing can mature. Spend time to water the growth of your relationship with your children and watch them turn into the men and women they aim to be.

One step at a time.

Intake Fee

Every assessment interview is required for both parents. It is policy that children over the age of twelve be included in the interview process. It is policy that the Monitor meet the children prior to visitations. It is the custodial parent’s responsibility to inform each child of their responsibility to the rules and Monitor on duty.
Call for details.

On-Site Supervised Visitation

Currently unavailable.


Declarations are provided upon request. Seventy-five dollars per page. Call for details.

Off-Site Supervised Visitation

All visits adhere to the Court Order, Minute Order, or Stipulation provided by an attorney if scheduling allows. It is policy that there is a two hour minimum per visitation, unless otherwise stated. Call for details.

Custody Exchange Monitoring

All custody exchanges adhere to the Court Order, or Stipulation provided by an attorney and is optimized for the safety of all parties. Call for details.

Visitation Documentation

Visit summaries and reports vary and start at one hundred dollars. Call for details.

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